Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Goodness, it’s been a while since I last blogged; now can people understand why I’m bad at facebook?

If you didn’t know already, Elena and I went to Disneyland on Sunday, and it was AWESOME! During the drive to Anaheim, I was worried that Disneyland would not be as magical as I remembered. And now, as a semi-adult, I thought this little trip down memory lane could turn into an ugly, hokey, misadventure. Strangely, as we drove into the Disneyland parking lot, a foolish grin began to creep into my mouth and disease the rest of my face and attitude – I was thrilled to be going to Disneyland! I would maintain this oafish expression for the duration of the day, smiling and gawking at virtually everything I encountered. And the lady who sold us our tickets made it truly magical by giving us the SoCal residents’ rate of another visit in the next 30 days; therefore, Elena and I will be returning to Anaheim for part II at the California Adventures section of the park. Our first ride came after 45 solid minutes of waiting in line, but Space Mountain was well worth the wait and conversation. During one of our lines, Elena mentioned a rumor she heard about Disneyland having a maze of tunnels underground to transport trash and characters in costume to preserve the magical-ness of the park. While there is much to say about the fantastic grounds keeping, ridiculously entertaining rides, and the general magical aura surrounding the space, Elena accidentally got hit by a custodian with a trash bag in the bathroom. Although this trip to Disneyland consisted of trying many more rides (I was too wussy the last time I came), I remain attached to the Matterhorn. For me, the Matterhorn is particularly nostalgic because it reminds me of when I, and my younger sister, Connie, rode the ride ten plus years ago. At the end of the day, all I can say is that I LOVE DISNEYLAND!

Sunday comprised mainly of me being a little more lazy. Since we’ve arrived in LA, Elena and I have been on the move constantly, even for fun extracurriculars, like frozen yogurt. The moral of the story is that I was very happy to sleep in while Elena finished up her senior essay. But the day did not go to waste, as we ventured out in the evening to have Korean food at the BCD tofu house. Dinner ended up being a wonderfully exciting cultural excursion in KTown (Korea Town). One thing I’ve come to realize while in LA is that anybody and everybody is in LA; the cultural diversity here is a little mind-boggling for a girl who comes from homogenous Colorado Springs.

After such a superb weekend, it was obviously a challenge for Elena and I to drag ourselves out of bed and out into the world. Prior to jumping back into reality, emails were at hand for me and I have officially submitted a request via email to write a senior thesis in the history department! Not too long after arriving at work, Sheryl informed Elena and me that we would be venturing to Whitesides for the afternoon. With such an unassuming name, Whitesides proved to be everything I did not and could not imagine: dirty, covered in dust, with cobwebs a plenty. Despite the dark and dusty nature of the building, its innards proved quite fascinating and is likely very valuable. I had a field day taking pictures of books, old newspaper headlines, and random pieces of paper. One of my favorite things we encountered today, was the clothing menu for Irene’s, with annotations by Mabel C. Wong, apparently a connoisseur of fine clothing. Whitesides was a fascinating experience and it’s very exciting to dive headfirst into this historian/detective work, I wonder if it’s something I want to do for the future…