Thursday, April 24, 2008

Looking like a very serious, yet fashion conscious historianne.
Don't you wish you were cool enough to measure archival documents?
Newspaper article on the opening of New Chinatown.

So Phoebe and I are delinquents...we definitely blew off our blogging duties yesterday. But I promise we will make up for our absence with pictures and good stories.

Yesterday we arrived at the museum around 9:30AM and got straight to work viewing and making notations on the Jung families home videos from the 1960's and 1970's. They recorded some very interesting family vacations and gatherings. It was fun, but Phoebe and I were ready to move on to something a little more stimulating. After lunch time we definitely got our wish.

Our newest project is inventorying and photographing a scrapbook put together by one of Chinatown's more prominent citizens, David Soo Hoo. Apparently, he was a very delightful man who was an arm chair detective. His scrap booking is wonderful. Phoebe thinks he had a short attention span, as he put things out of order and all over the place. I think the newspaper clippings, programs, pamphlets and blueprints he left us are pretty invaluable. Pheebs and I are picking up good stuff for our research. Most of Mr. Soo Hoo's scrapbook focuses on LA's Chinatown, WWII and the Sino-Japanese War. It has been very interesting to look through.

Our touchstone at the museum, Sheryl, left LA yesterday. She has some traveling to do, and we will definitely miss having her. Everyone else at the museum is very nice to us and we love interacting with them, but Sheryl is the one who really made all of this possible for us. Luckily, we will see her again briefly next Friday.

We concluded yesterday like two old ladies. We went shopping at our local supermarket, made spaghetti for dinner and planned to watch a movie but fell asleep instead. Ahh, the beauty of eighth block in Los Angeles.