Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hopefully some of you are interested enough to still be reading about our misadventures here in the land of magic, ethnic diversity and sunshine. I promise the following post is full of intrigue, excitement and racy pictures. It is my duty to relay how Pheobe and I spent the remainder of our weekend. So here it goes:


Saturday was GREAT! Phoebe and I were lucky enough to go to the beach on a day when it wasn't too terribly crowded. Venice beach was very cool and we were so relaxed by the end of our day tanning and playing in the ocean waters.

We made a pit stop by In-N-Out on our way home. It was a happy occaision for both of us! Then we headed home, showered and were whisked away to the LAX Hilton for a Chinese Engineering convention dinner. Let me tell you, Engineers=questionable partying capabilities. Really, though, it was a very interesting evening wherein we learned a lot about Disney's imagineering program and the upper echelons of Chinese society in Southern California. Still no husband for Phoebe...

Pheebs enjoying her first bite of In-N-Out Burger. It was a big hit with Miss Jiang who swears she will be returning someday soon.
At the beach trying to take a photo of ourselves without dropping the camera into the waters of the Pacific. (I already did that on my last trip to the beach).
Me with the Santa Monica pier in the background.
Almost fainting from the intense heat and desert sun while waiting for a bus to take us home.

Phoebe and me with Pauline and her mother, getting the chance to chat with them was definitely the highlight of our evening.


Sunday Pheebs and I rolled out of bed around 7AM and caught a bus to meet Sylvia downtown. Sylvia brought us breakfast, which included casamiento (if you don't know what casamiento is you are deprived and I'll just leave it at that). We boarded another bus to Anaheim and were at the park gates as it opened...pretty exciting stuff. Our first stop was the Tower of Terror, and it was pretty much a non-stop screaming and laughing fest from there on out. What a wonderful day!

California Adventures was almost better than Disneyland, because we were more relaxed, the park was MUCH less crowded and definitely more doable in a one-day time frame. I also got to see Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Pete's Dragon, Mike, Sulley, Buzz Lightyear, Minnie Mouse, Chip and Dale and Mr. Incredible. Oh yeah, it was sweet.

Sylvia, as always, was the mastermind behind our transportation out to Anaheim and back. Here she is with Phoebe and Dopey.

The three of us outside the park entrance. We wanted to take a picture with the giant C, but some lady had parked herself and her seven children on it...

What did you do at work today?

Oh, nothing, just paraded around as a catepillar's butt. How about you?

I love Phoebe so much! As you can see we always compliment each other.