Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yesterday Phoebe and I decided we should participate in that most quintessential of all American tourist activities and pay a visit to Disneyland. It was absolutely wonderful! We met up with the lovely Sylvia Arias, Colorado College '07 grad and LA native, and one of her coworkers. They fed us the most amazing Vietnamese sandwiches, and with that settled we headed out to the happiest place on earth.

From the moment we walked past the front gate, I felt like a kid again, gawking and smiling at just about everything. It felt strange not to have Mom, Dad and Joie in tow, and everything we saw and did reminded me of all the fun I had as a seven-year-old. But the memories it brought back were absolutely priceless. (I am happy to report that Tomorrowland is still my very favorite part of the park). Phoebe and Sylvia also had great moments of nostalgia, which we had plenty of time to discuss while waiting in various lines.
Of all the rides, I must say that I really enjoyed the new Finding Nemo ride, which many of you might remember as the submarine ride in Tomorrowland. Not only was the submarine ride fun, the kids sitting next to us were so excited, they made the wait in line totally worth it. In fact, the real highlight of the day was watching children all over the park. There is something infectious about that sense of wonder and excitement. I did not get to meet my hero, Buzz Lightyear, in person, but the day was absolutely magical nonetheless. All of our pictures were taken with Sylvia's camera, but once we get a copies we'll be sure to post them.
Phoebe has been an amazing companion on this journey. (She is currently sitting six feet away, helping me edit my senior essay, and has no idea that I am writing about her). Everything has been ten times more fun because I have had her to share the adventure with. Today is our down day and for dinner we are venturing out into Koreatown...we'll let you know how it goes.